A Letter From My Mother

Darling daughter,

These have been my thoughts since that evening.

I felt angry that someone has hurt or tried to hurt my daughter. I am now rather nervous about either you or your sister travelling late at night. I used to be nervous when you were younger and has just started travelling by yourselves but recently I’d stopped worrying.

This has made me feel vulnerable. Things like this don’t happen to my family. I would read about these things in the paper with other people, faceless people, as victims. Now I realise that we aren’t immune and that nasty things can happen to us.

I feel very proud of you. You have proved yourself as strong and seem to be doing okay but I feel I need to watch you and make sure you don’t start to react adversely.

I am delighted that your boyfriend has moved in with us. I’m so happy that he was there and that he now walks you home from the station whenever you get home. One of your friends made a comment about ‘controlling’ behaviour from us since the event. They have forgotten what you’ve gone through. It’s nice for us to know you’re safe and that he can be your ‘bodyguard’ without us even having to ask.

I’m grateful that you had the guts to scream and will always be eternally grateful that those people came so quickly. So much worse could have happened.

When I read the articles it was so difficult. Incredibly odd to imagine this story involving you. You will eventually stop trembling whenever we talk about what happened. Even in these last few weeks the uncontrollable trembling has reduced to light shaking.

It will all be okay,

Another mother

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