Another Girls Story

After my first few posts you may be wondering what happened to me, so now I’ll let you know.

I was out celebrating a friends birthday and got a taxi back to where my boyfriend lived. The bus lane was closed and so was the road, so I got out of the taxi to make the two minute walk to his front door.

That’s when it happened. But although it was a frightening experience, I was lucky in many ways.

When the man approached me I had just finished a phone call with my boyfriend and was in the middle of texting him that I was close. When I was pushed my finger clicked on the record button and accidentally recorded it. I realised what I’d done and managed to send this to my boyfriend. This has had an amazing impact on my case.

Then another lucky thing happened to me. As I was screaming for help a girl ran out of her flat to protect me. When she appeared the man got off me and began to run away.

Then more luck came my way when a passer-by chased the man away. He then called my boyfriend off of my phone and the two of them held and comforted me.

When my boyfriend arrived moments later I was looked after and protected by all three of them in an incredible act of selflessness.

I then immediately called the police because I knew instinctively that I never wanted anyone else to be in that situation and end up less lucky than me. The man that protected me also reported the incident.

That whole evening I was questioned by two policemen. These two men where incredible. In a terrible moment of confusion, shock and fear they made me feel comfortable and supported me with incredible care.

The next morning I was greeted by the policewoman who has held my hand throughout these last two months. She drove me to the haven where the three women did their absolute best to do all the tests in as sensitive way as possible.

My experience of that evening and the next day was severely traumatic however I remind myself constantly of one fact.

Although there was one person trying to hurt me, there were three there to selflessly protect me, and many more afterwards. 

7 Replies to “Another Girls Story”

  1. WOW girl. You are one strong, brave, courageous and inspiring woman. Honestly, you are incredible. I am so sorry that happened to you. i hope the scumbag is chucked in prison and the key is thrown away. x


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