A Letter from my saviour

I’m the person who intervened the incident on the evening of 1 April.  
Thank you very much for your letter, it was extremely thoughtful of you. I must say I was overwhelmed and taken aback by your generous words.
I was very pleased when informed by the police that you wished to get in contact with me. It was a big regret of mine that evening that I didn’t manage to ask for your name or any contact details just to see if you were ok following the incident.

 Everything just happened ever so quickly.
However, the most important thing is that you are ok and doing well. I cannot imagine what must have been going through your mind at the time of the incident and the days that followed. By the sounds of it you have a very close knit and supportive family.
I truly believe that I was in the right place at the right time and if it wasn’t for you alerting me, then I would not have been aware of the seriousness of the incident, so it was very much a team effort!!
If you need any reassurance regarding the incident (or anything in general for that matter) then please let me know.
Take care of yourself
All the best 

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