A Years Reflection

Every year I go to the same place this time of year to relax and unwind with my family. Every year I think about everything that has happened between visits. This year seems like a huge one.

This time last year I had just graduated and was still on a high having gone straight in to an exciting job. I had a long-term boyfriend I trusted and had no health problems to think of. 

The day after I left here it all changed. I received my diagnosis of an adenoma and a few days later my relationship had crumbled. I spent the next three months battling an aray of emotions I can’t even explain. It emerged that the man I trusted had been creuly cheating and sharing intimate details of my condition throughout the city I had once loved to share with him.

Thinking back to that time and the other things I’ve overcome this year is terrible. 

But then i consider how much I’ve learnt about myself and how much I have now. I got through all of that, including the events of April, with a strength I didn’t even know I had.

A year on I am loved and fully supported by a man I adore, I have wonderful friends (some of which I’ve travelled the world with), I love my job and my health has already improved so much.

Ultimately in this last year I’ve had some terrible and difficult times but I’ve come out so much happier and stronger from the experiences.

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