I was very lucky with my school and they often did workshops to make us think about the wider world and the society we were a part of. I remember one of these workshops very well.

A man talked to us about hiding emotions and how the people around us might be dealing with more than they appear to be. He used ‘masks’ for the face he showed to the outside world but spoke about how he was truly feeling.

I’ve known for a while now that I find it far easier to smile and laugh than let other people know that I’m unhappy. Perhaps my mask.

I was thinking to myself what might my coping mechanisms be?

I find that I spend a lot of time online, on my phone and posting photos.

I find it very difficult to be alone, although I have tried to find time to practice being comfortable by myself. It’s difficult to sleep at night if my boyfriend or a friend isn’t in the same room.

I make jokes about everything and try to laugh at everything, which I feel helps but might not.

I also get quite anxious at parties or at social occasions, even with close friends, and sometimes I find that I drink too much if I feel uncomfortable.

I feel that I’ve overcome it all well but it’s also probably good to acknowledge the things I do that probably aren’t helping.

#anothergirl #coping #survivor #masks

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