Dinner Party Talk

My father was at a dinner party when Weinstein discussions arose.

The man next to my father, who he had known for years, shared his views. He believed that women referencing #metoo were making false claims for either attention or financial benefits.

The table just listened until my father calmly spoke up. He reminded his old friend that the woman he called a great friend, my mother, had been seriously affected when a stranger flashed her on the tube. He explained that the little girl he’d seen grow beyond the school gates, had been attacked by a man she didn’t even know. He reminded them that a male friend of theirs had endured a terrible experience at school. My father asked him whether he felt the same about these stories.

That man, his friend, was drunk and couldn’t be wrong. Instead he threatened to punch my father in the face and left.

The people at that party were hurt and upset, especially my father.

Everyone should have awareness of harassment from men and woman towards both genders. It’s something that happens and unfortunately to most people you know.

Things can only change if we are aware that they need changing.

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